2021-06-07 01:00:00

CLG vs Immortals

2021-06-07 00:22:53Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the week, we have Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming — not exactly the most premier match-up imaginable, but if you're into skirmish-heavy fiestas this one might be worth the watch! Immortals are generally favored in this one, but the gap between them and Counter Logic Gaming is by no means insurmountable. We know for a fact that both teams are severely flawed, and that holds true on both an individual and a team-wide level.

Still, Immortals have looked a lot better thus far and have even gotten two wins on the board, one of which came at the expense of 100 Thieves. So they obviously know what they're doing, although there's a fair bit of luck involved as well. They're by no means going to upset the long-established status quo, but they're capable and will try their hardest regardless of what the oddsmakers have to say.

Counter Logic Gaming, on the other hand, are even worse than expected. They'll surely mount an offensive at some point in the split, but when that'll happen is anyone's guess at this point. Either way, we'll have to go with Immortals on this one but they're probably not going to get the "W" in any impressive fashion.

Immortals Pinnacle 1.79 1 Win


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