2022-06-19 22:40:00
Golden Guardians

CLG vs Golden Guardians

2022-06-19 22:16:08Posted by Petar

The Golden Guardians are actually far more dangerous than most folks want to give them credit for. They're not necessarily a behemoth who's going to mop the floor with its opposition, but capable and talented they most certainly are.

That wasn't quite obvious in their very first game against FlyQuest (a lopsided beatdown if ever there was one), but they sure did rebound in style at the expense of Cloud9. It was a commanding showing and a game much more in tune with what we've come to expect from them. They came out swinging with a very creative draft and more than enough late game scaling. And, well, they beat Cloud9 across the map in ways we simply didn't expect. It was a surefire indication of their potential, but it's still a bit too early to give them any kind of praise -- they've played just two games, after all, only one of which happened to be impressive.

But they sure are fun to watch. Confident, unyielding, steadfast in their approach. They play League of Legends without reserve which, while not always the most advisable option, is definitely most entertaining. And, well, they've obviously grown a fair bit in the macro department as well, so credit where credit is due -- beating Cloud9 (even in their current, weakened form) is still a feat worth praising.

Counter Logic Gaming, too, are quite good, but we don't think they're *as* good as their forthcoming opponents. It'll all hinge around draft and early game execution, and that's not something CLG are particularly well known for. They're not to be underestimated, though. They're 2-0 thus after two days' worth of games and that's a much better record than any of us thought they'd have. Plus, their wins came over opponents most folks thought were better than them, and they were quite commanding, too.

So, don't let the odds fool you: this one's far closer and more competitive than it might seem at first glance. Betting on an upset, therefore, might be worth our while. It's not necessarily the safest option, but CLG *do* have a shot, so we might as well risk it.

CLG 1xBet 2.40 10 Win


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