2022-07-03 00:30:00

CLG vs Cloud9

2022-07-02 15:01:48Posted by Petar

What a phenomenal clash to close things out: a game that will either end in fireworks or a fiesta; we'll be entertained either way. Its outcome is important for both teams, albeit in slightly different ways: if Counter Logic Gaming win, they'll not only further separate themselves from the vast majority of their competitors, but they'll also "validate" their current run and make a statement -- they'll erase all doubt. Cloud9, on the other hand, would generate ample momentum as they'd not only attain a .500 record but also take down a team that is currently tied for first.

So while there's not a whole lot on the line in general, a win here would still go a long way towards establishing dominance and setting the stage for even more success.

Cloud9 are heavily favored here and, well, there's a good reason why: they're one of the biggest frontrunners to challenge Evil Geniuses and claim the LCS throne; they're staggeringly talented and are stacked with numerous different champions, legends, and MVPs — alongside one of the most promising AD carries we've seen in a long while.

Counter Logic Gaming, however, couldn't care less, and their feistiness has also proven to be vital in the face of such stiff opposition. Their win over Evil Geniuses speaks volumes; they're the kind of team that'll fight tooth and nail no matter whom you might put in front of them. And so while Cloud9 *are* better and more capable, that gap — no matter how tremendous — can, in fact, be narrowed through intelligent prep and immaculate execution.

Be that as it may, it's been over two weeks and teams (at least the top-tier ones) should have finally adjusted to CLG's idiosyncratic style of play. Cloud9 are in dire need of a few wins and they've surely prepared well for their forthcoming opponent. That said, it'll definitely be razor close.

Cloud9 Pinnacle 1.50 1 Win


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