2022-07-17 20:35:00
100 Thieves

CLG vs 100 Thieves

2022-07-17 20:17:11Posted by Petar

We don't like betting on any game that Counter Logic Gaming are a part of. They're just way too darn volatile. They're good, there's no doubt about it, but their strengths aren't always on display (for whatever reason). Sometimes they just fail to mount an offensive and soon enough they find themselves at too big of a deficit -- an insurmountable one, if you will. Other times they come out swinging, hence their (surprisingly impressive) 5W-3L record.

They do seem to have lost a bit of their edge as of late, and we're not quite sure why. Perhaps the meta finally stabilized, or perhaps their opponents finally "figured out" what they had to do (and how they had to draft) to stand a chance against such an idiosyncratic challenger. We're not quite sure, but they don't seem to be as cohesive or dangerous as was the case back in weeks one through three.

Still, they're a dangerous team and can, at times, put up one heck of a fight.

100 Thieves, however, are a cut above. They're better in every way, shape, and form, but they, too, tend to underperform at the most random of moments. They're also 5W-3L which speaks volumes -- the fact that they're tied with a perennial gatekeeper like CLG sure is a reason for worry. There's definitely no reason to sound the alarms (or jump off the 100 Thieves hype train) but they've yet to reach their "final form" and if they want to stand a chance at reclaiming their throne (and representing North America at Worlds) they *will* have to step up. Team Liquid, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses all seem to be more cohesive and dangerous, although that, too, tends to vary and fluctuate from one week to the next.

In any case, they're surely motivated to prove their doubters wrong after dropping the ball against FlyQuest. We don't think they'll outclass CLG as much as the oddsmakers seem to believe, but they should definitely be able to get away with the win.

100 Thieves 1xBet 1.36 1 Win


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