100 Thieves
2022-07-02 22:30:00
Team Liquid

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid

2022-07-02 14:22:01Posted by Petar

These two teams are so darn even and capable we're actually wary of betting on *either* of them. Who's to say that one is better than the other when they've been taking turns at the throne and trading the heaviest blows one can imagine? And we can talk ad nauseam about the meta and the way in which it has hindered 100 Thieves and their jungle-centric style of play, but that, too, feels superflous when there's so much talent between them. They're not the one-dimensional kind, and can win and play through any lane and player they so desire; they're spoiled for options.

Team Liquid have thus far been more consistent, more precise in their execution and dominance, but they, too, have made numerous mistakes, and their loss to Counter Logic Gaming attests to the fact. They're still on top of the region and are basically guaranteed to leave a mark once everything is said and done, but they *have* been a bit too shaky for our liking, and most of it boils down to the way in which they draft and execute in the early game.

They're spectacular, there's no doubt about it, but they *do* have a few chinks in their armor. Whether that'll end up being a problem further down the line still remains to be seen. Betting on them is still the more logical option, what with 100 Thieves being somewhat "gimped" — Abbedagge still isn't performing as well as we thought he would and Closer, talented though he is, can no longer hardcarry as he did back in Spring. They're still a very real threat and a challenger of incredible might and ability, but they *do* make more mistakes when compared to Team Liquid and that should, by all means, end up making the biggest difference.

Team Liquid 1xBet 1.70 1 Loss


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