100 Thieves
2021-06-19 02:45:00

100 Thieves vs CLG

2021-06-19 02:32:30Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the day, we have 100 Thieves vs. Counter Logic Gaming. Not exactly the most hype match-up overall, but it'll surely be a lot more entertaining than the oddsmakers would lead you to believe.

Just look at what's happening with the many LCS mid-tier gatekeepers and bottom-tier dwellers: they're fighting their hearts out and are pulling off upsets left, right, and center. Immortals nearly took down Team SoloMid, the Golden Guardians pulled off a sick win over Dignitas, and FlyQuest have been trading blows with the who's who of the LCS despite facing some fairly grim odds. These are still gatekeepers and they won't upset the status quo any time soon (if ever), but they're playing much better than anyone could've anticipated, and it's truly been a joy to watch.

Unfortunately, Counter Logic Gaming haven't been nearly as impressive. They're struggling in all facets of the game, they're not on the same page, and there's very little to commend them for after two whole weeks of play. Could they improve over time? Absolutely! But we've nearly reached the halfway point of the split, and they're starting to look like the absolute worst and least capable team in North America. Small improvements will no longer cut it, and yet that's the only thing they can hope for.

In any case, they don't stand much of a chance against a team that's as powerful and dangerous as 100 Thieves. They might make things a bit more competitive than expected if Broxah and Finn bring their A game, but they should by no means be able to get the "W" tonight.

100 Thieves 1xBet 1.30 5 Loss


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