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In this guide we’re going to take an in-depth look at the biggest and best esports in the world. We’ll discuss the games and their players, we’ll discuss the tournaments and the prize pools, and we’ll discuss the betting markets and tell you how you can profit from them. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it pays to understand it if you want to end up a sports betting winner.

Introduction of Esports

Competitive gaming has been around for a number of years. In the early days, the developers created small-scale tournaments to generate a buzz around their games. This was all about promotion, about getting the game out there, but very quickly they realised that there was a market in this. The best players were willing to devote their lives to improving their skills and beating their rivals, and before long they were given the platform to do just that.

Esports first took off in South Korea, before spreading to China and Japan and then being accepted by the wider world. One of the first games to achieve global notoriety in this way was Starcraft, which was proceeded by Starcraft 2 a number of years later. In the interim, many more games were released, and the esports community experienced gradual growth. This has been a steady rise to the top, but in the last few years the growth has been exponential. A prime example of this is the League of Legends World Championship. In season 1, when this was won by Fnatic, the grand prize was $50,000. This was considered a lot of money at the time, but just a year later it had increased to $1 million, and a couple of years later it was common for prize pools on esport events to exceed $3 million.

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Esport Gambling Markets

As early as 2010, esports has made their way onto Pinnacle Sports. Considering it had yet to truly become global, this was quite a surprise, but it’s clear that Pinnacle Sports saw the potential of it because in the years that followed it became their fastest growing market and these days they take more money on esports than they do on global sports like golf and rugby. Other sportsbooks soon followed, observing Pinnacle Sports’ success and doing their best to emulate it. Not all sites offer market on esports, but for those that do it is one of the highest revenue spinners. Because of this, it seems inevitable that many more bookmakers will follow, and once they do — pumping more money into the industry and generating much more interest — then this industry will become much bigger.

In time, esports could easily become one of the biggest, if not the biggest sport in the world. This might seem like a ludicrous suggestion now, especially considering the popularity of sports like soccer, but not when you understand its current standing and its future potential. The growth of the esports markets are unprecedented, and they are attracting enough interest for sponsors to give huge contracts to the best players. Also, this is something that everyone can get involved with and something that most kids do on a daily basis. Not every kid can play soccer or rugby, not every kid has access to tennis rackets, baseball bats or basketball hoops, but most of them have a computer and as these games are often free to download, they all have easy access to them.

The Biggest Esports

As things stand, Blizzard Entertainment lead the way in the esports world. The creators of the world’s biggest MMORPG, World of Warcraft, are also behind games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. There is nothing entirely new about these games. After all, Hearthstone is simply an online version of age-old fantasy card games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! However, in emulating these games it has also improved them. It simplifies the rules, it improves the graphics and it bolsters the gameplay, and because of all this — along with the tried and tested success of the card game format — Hearthstone is one of the biggest esports out there right now. Heroes of the Storm is also hugely popular, attracting fans of all Blizzard games by using characters and settings from previous titles.

Of course, when it comes to successful Blizzard esports, nothing tops Starcraft 2. This real-time strategy game was also based on a tried and tested format, adapted from games like Age of Empires and, more specifically, Command & Conquer. And once again, Blizzard took the theme and ran with it, creating a game that blitzes all others in terms of big tournaments, prize pools and celebrity status. This game is a national pastime in South Korea, where its best players are treated like European soccer stars, earning millions of dollars a year and attracting huge sponsorship deals.

Blizzard don’t have a monopoly on esports though. Games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Smite were not created by Blizzard and are just as successful as their bigger titles. Most of these games adopt similar themes, using the fantasy settings of magical mages, gruesome trolls and orcish warriors. In the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is as far removed from these themes as you can get and has been one of the most unique esports for many years, as well as being one of the oldest. These days though, games like Call of Duty — which is enjoyed by many more casual players than Counter-Strike — are trying to take the esport FPS crown. With an inclusion in the 2015 DreamHack event, and with many small tournaments played the world over, it’s surely just a matter of time before it attains a similar amount of prestige.

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