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Vainglory is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arenas because out of all the other games similar to it, such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, it is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. It is developed and designed by Super Evil Megacorp and was released in November 2014 for iOS and on July 2, 2015 for Android.

Vainglory is a game in which teams consisted of three players each, battle it out and try to destroy each other's main bases which are called Vain Crystals. In addition to Vain Crystals, players also have to destroy various enemy turrets, minions and enemy heroes.

Each team starts at opposite ends of the map and has to get to the other team's base through a lane which connects the two bases. In between each team there is also a jungle which is populated by different types of creatures which can be killed, as well as objectives which can be completed.

Each player controls a game specific hero. Currently there are 33 heroes available to choose from, but this number will definitely increase in the future as new heroes are added with game updates. Heroes come in different shapes and sizes and each hero has a special dominant ability such as mobility, high damage, melee ability etc.

Vainglory Betting

Vainglory offers a lot of different options for betting enthusiasts which range from match winner markets and handicap options to outright winners and betting specials. Vainglory betting markets are available at almost all reputable betting operators so you should have no trouble finding the right one for you. Let's look at these various types of markets so that you can get a better idea of what is on offer.

The betting market which is the most often frequented by punters is the match winner one. Let's use an example from Vainglory Spring Championships 2017 to explain this market. Gankstars and Cloud9 were the two teams which were in excellent form during the tournament and they managed to reach the final. Gankstars were a slight underdog coming into the match, but they managed to defeat several European giants before the duel, chief amongst which was the defeat of G2 Esports. Cloud9 were also in terrific form and had the tag of favourites in the match, which meant that they came with lower odds than Gankstars.

So, if you were betting on the match winner market and you backed Cloud9, you were standing for a smaller win, but a slightly safer bet than if you backed Gankstars, which guaranteed a bigger winning, but a less safe wager. In the end, Cloud9 came out victorious of the duel, which meant that all punters who backed the stronger of the two North American teams came out with winning wagers.

In addition to the match winners market, punters who bet on Vainglory can also wager on the handicap market. The best way to explain the handicap market is to compare it with the match winner's one. For example in the two way match winner's market, Cloud9 was given odds of 1.57 for its victory, whereas Gankstars had odds of 2.37. However, in the handicap market, Gankstars was given a starting advantage of +1.5. This meant that the chances for a Gankstars victory increased instantly, but it also meant that the odds for this victory became a lot shorter, from the original 2.37 they now fell to 1.44. So backing Gankstars to win became a safer, but less rewarding bet.

Another market which punters find very attractive is the outright winners, or also known as the futures market. In this market, betting enthusiasts can bet on which team is going to be an outright winner of a competition, which team is going to reach a certain stage of a championship or a tournament, and which region the winner will be from. So, if we continue using the Vainglory Spring Championships 2017 as an example, and if you chose that Cloud9 is going to be the winner of the tournament, you would have won yourself a handy sum of money. You would have also had a winning bet if you backed Gankstars to reach the semi-final or final, or if you wagered that the winning team will be from North America.

The final type of bets at a punters disposal is the specials market. This market includes various different bets which are sometimes seen as more exotic and therefore attract a more specialized group of punters. These specials markets include wagering options such as Map 1 or Map 2 Winner, Correct Map Score, Correct Match Score, First to (certain number) of Kills, First Blood, Odd / Even Number of Kills, Team to Win at Least 1 Map and many others.

Vainglory Betting Strategy

If you have previously bet on other multiplayer online battle arenas then you will probably be quite familiar with the betting strategies for Vainglory as well. The first thing which you should make sure you do is to understand how the game is played. If you don't know how to play the game, you are basically placing a much riskier bet than if you understand how a given game scenario will play out. Once you have done this you can go and implement some basic eSports betting strategies into your wagers.

These strategies range from more analytical ones such as analyzing each team's recent match record or match history to more game related strategies such as understanding the specific strengths of each player and the heroes that he uses or the game style each team favours.

Analytical strategies such as team form are really helpful when you are trying to pick a winning bet and most experienced punters compare team results before they place their bets. For example, team Gankstar was on good run of results before the 2017 Vainglory Championship, and many experienced punters backed them to go far in the 2017 Spring Vainglory Championship in London, and so they did.

Another important aspect of the analytical side of betting on Vainglory is comparing how each team has fared in previous encounters with the same opponent. Many Vainglory teams have a favourite opponent which they regularly terrorize, so you would be foolish not to back the team which has proven itself as the better opponent in the past.

In terms of how each team plays the game, it is important to analyze the gaming strategies of each individual player of the team. When doing this you should always look for teams which function as one coherent unit and not for teams in which one individual likes to stand out on the expense of others. In addition to this, you should also be aware of the playing strategy that each team will use as this is crucial for the final outcome. Some teams are more aggressive, while others like to wait for their opportunity, but when it comes they completely seize it.

Vainglory Tournaments

The biggest Vainglory tournament is the Vainglory Championship also known as Unified Live Championships. In it the 12 best Vainglory teams from North America and Europe fight it out for the Vainglory Championship title. The prize pot for the 2017 Vainglory Spring Championship which took place in London was around $80 thousand for that tournament alone. The winners were given $30 thousand and the rest of the money was distributed among the other 11 teams.

The participants are the best 6 North American and European teams with the most Vainglory 8 points. The event takes place in front of a live audience, and this year's audience in the O2 Arena in London was extremely pleased with what they saw. In addition to following the event live, fans and punters can also follow all the action on Vainglory's Twitch channel, on Facebook and on various YouTube channels.

Vainglory Betting Odds

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