Washington Justice
2022-07-09 19:10:00
Vancouver Titans

Washington Justice vs Vancouver Titans

2022-07-09 18:55:36Posted by Petar

Match-ups like these are never easy to bet on. There are so many intangibles, so many variables at play that making any kind of prediction — with confidence — feels rather impossible. It's always a game of inches, both figuratively *and* literally.

There's no way for us to predict who'll come out on top. We know who's better overall but that isn't always reflected in the end result. The Washington Justice are the more capable team with a noticeably higher skill ceiling but they, too, tend to make egregious mistakes and drop the ball when you least expect them to. They're a gatekeeper through and through; be that as it may, they can still exceed expectations and put on one heck of a show which, frankly, cannot be said for their forthcoming opponents.

The Titans *have* improved, in all fairness, but they also had a lot to improve on, so it's hard to really praise them much for it. To make things even worse, this evolution of theirs (if we can even call it that) simply isn't going to suffice against the vast majority of their peers, all of which happen to be better and more talented at the game.

Be that as it may, they'll at least put up a fight. Our choice, however, is clear: Washington all the way.

Washington Justice 1xBet 1.23 1 Win


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