Washington Justice
2022-05-20 19:15:00
Paris Eternal

Washington Justice vs Paris Eternal

2022-05-17 08:08:48Posted by Petar

Predicting what'll happen between these two mid-tier contenders feels nigh impossible. We simply cannot make any kind prediction (not with confidence, at least) in the face of such a malleable status quo. Nothing has yet been set in stone and the playing field is as level as it's ever been. That sure is exciting from a viewer's perspective, but is nonetheless an absolute nightmare when it comes to betting.

We *do* know one thing: the Washington Justice *are* better, and they've done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt. In fact, one might even go a step further and label them as "great," although we'd still refrain from making such sweeping statements.

Their 3-1 win over the Toronto Defiant sure did set the stage (and make everyone take notice). A swift 0-3 loss to Dallas quickly followed, but we were more than willing to let that one slide: there's no shame in losing to the Fuel, what with them being one of the best teams around. And, well, it sure didn't phase Washington much as they came back with a vengeance against the Atlanta Reign (3-0). They are, by the looks of it, one of the more capable teams in the Overwatch League, and we can't wait to see how high they'll be able to soar once everything is said and done. Even though they might be a bit more limited when compared to some of their peers, a pushover they certainly are not.

Paris, on the other hand, are still struggling to get on the same page and come up with a coherent identity. And, well, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise — we're still at the very start of the competitive season and these growing pains are not only natural but necessary.

Still, the fact that they've yet to get any wins on the board *is* worrying. They were first outclassed by the San Francisco Shock (hardly a surprise), after which they barely put up a fight against the Florida Mayhem (1-3). It was a much better showing, granted, but that in no way influenced or affected the end result. And, well, their 0-3 loss to Toronto yesterday obviously didn't do them any favors either.

By the looks of it, they're a struggling mid-tier gatekeeper, if even that much. We're interested in seeing them face off with the Vancouver Titans, London Spitfire, and Boston Uprising — three opponents that are much more similar in terms of strength and overall potential. Everyone else, however, seems to be far superior.

And, unfortunately for the Paris Eternal, that also holds true for the Washington Justice. They might be able to trade blows and make it somewhat competitive, but they're almost surely *not* going to win.

Washington Justice Pinnacle 1.20 1 Win


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