Washington Justice
2022-07-03 19:10:00
London Spitfire

Washington Justice vs London Spitfire

2022-07-03 16:14:20Posted by Petar

We're really confused here. Why in the world are the Washington Justice being favored over the London Spitfire?

They're both gatekeepers, granted, but the Spitfire have been a fair bit more impressive lately and their highs also seem more tremendous. They've grown in every which way throughout the last few weeks and are currently a very capable contender — one that simply cannot by underestimated.They might not look the part, but the point stands nonetheless. And their record, too, screams of potential: a whopping seven wins and just three losses alongside a very respectable +7 map differential. They're ranked right alongside the Houston Outlaws and the Dallas Fuel which, frankly, is quite impressive given what we thought about them coming into the 2022 competitive season.

Again, they're not a giant by any stretch of the imagination but they're incredibly feisty and tend to play with an incredible amount of grit.

The Justice aren't half bad, to be fair, but they haven't been nearly as impressive, and their record proves it, too (4W-6L). Strength of schedule should also be taken into consideration but still — they're currently ranked in ninth place for a very good reason.

We're not saying it'll be a blowout but London should, by all means, be favored here. They've done more as a team, they've demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver and compete with the Overwatch League pantheon and for that they've earned not just our respect but our benefit of the doubt as well. If everything pans out as expected, the Spitfire should be able to come out on top.

It's not going to be easy, though.

London Spitfire 1xBet 1.90 1 Win


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