Washington Justice
2022-06-03 22:45:00
Florida Mayhem

Washington Justice vs Florida Mayhem

2022-06-03 19:42:10Posted by Petar

Washington Justice taking on the Florida Mayhem might not seem all that alluring at first glance, but you should never judge a book by its cover; that holds true for this particular match-up as well. It might not be a clash of titans or a historic fight that'll be talked about for the years or decades to come, but it *will* deliver and is more than worthy of being talking about.

And, well, we really do mean it, in spite of the fact that neither of these two teams will end up leaving any kind of a mark once everything is said and done. They're just not good enough to compete with the Shocks and Gladiators and Fuels of the world, which doesn't, however, mean they shouldn't be praised and spectated. Quite the contrary! Justice, for instance, nearly took down the San Francisco Shock. It was a truly spectacular showing and the fact that they failed to go "all the way" should in no way diminish or devalue their incredible effort. They narrowed the gap when most of us thought it impossible.

The Mayhem weren't quite as impressive against the Atlanta Reign, but they were still able to put up a fight on their way down to the loser's bracket. We're really not quite sure which team to favor here. The Justice might have a slightly higher skill ceiling but neither team has been all that consistent and their highs can be neither predicted nor counted upon. It's always a toss-up whether they'll come out the gates swinging or implode at the first sign of trouble.

The last time they faced off -- which was just a couple of days ago, by the way -- the Mayhem were able to come out ahead in fairly dominant 3-1 fashi on. It wasn't the cleanest affair (is it ever with Florida?) but they got the job done which is the only thing that matters.

Now, just because they won a week ago doesn't mean they'll be able to win this time around as well. Such arithmetics, logical though they may be, do not apply to competitive Overwatch. Still, betting *against* the Mayhem wouldn't make any sense right now, so we might as well give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they'll once again be able to defy the odds.

Florida Mayhem 1xBet 2.08 1 Win


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