Vancouver Titans
2022-06-25 22:40:00
Dallas Fuel

Vancouver Titans vs Dallas Fuel

2022-06-25 21:35:09Posted by Petar

Dallas taking on Vancouver is about as big a mismatch as it gets, at least in the Western region of the Overwatch League. There's a world of difference between them, and we mean that in every conceivable way. They're more talented, more experienced, faster to react, they have the better players, the better read on the meta, and are a lot more cohesive, too.

There's really no way in which they could ever be compared. A lopsided mismatch if ever there was one.

To make things even worse for Vancouver, Dallas seems to have bounced back in the most tremendous of ways. Their 3-0 shellacking of the Florida Mayhem was a statement, and they needed it, too. After getting smacked around by both Atlanta Reign and the San Francisco Shock the week prior, Dallas really needed to mount an offensive and let everyone know that they're still a top-tier performer and someone worthy of respect.

And, well, they succeeded admirably.

We're still not quite sure where to position them in regards to the Overwatch League pantheon, but they're undoubtedly capable and should not be underestimated whatsoever -- even though teams like Atlanta and LAG seem to have leapfrogged them.

In any case, they're better than Vancouver and should be more than capable of beating them in swift 3-0 fashion.

Dallas Fuel Pinnacle 1.12 1 Win


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