Vancouver Titans
2022-09-03 21:35:00
Boston Uprising

Vancouver Titans vs Boston Uprising

2022-09-03 20:11:49Posted by Petar

This match-up, for those looking to bet on competitive Overwatch, is tantamount to a nightmare: two teams, both of which can rightfully be labeled as bottom-dwellers, going up against each other in a series that, in one way or another, could decide their fate. There's a lot on the line and, well, there's really no big reason why we should favor one of them over the other.

The Vancouver Titans have, in all fairness, been a lot more impressive, but they, too, are volatile beyond measure. And even their few wins -- most of which were truly surprising -- came out of nowhere and can hardly be explained and rationalized. Was it just a one-off thing? A temporary moment of brilliance or, perhaps, a sign that they've finally grown as a team and are ready to compete with their more seasoned (and talented) peers and adversaries? We'll find out soon enough. Boston are a tricky bunch to play against as they have very little left to lose. They'll compete without pressure which should, in turn, serve as quite a big boon to their play. The Titans, however, will probably be ready for whatever their forthcoming opponents might bring to the table.

Siding with the boys in blue and green might not *feel* right, but they *are* the better team, and their current record proves it, too. They've won three of their last four matches and, by the looks of it, are a whole lot better than most folks want to give them credit for.

Vancouver Titans 1xBet 1.68 1 Loss


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