Toronto Defiant
2022-07-02 22:15:00
Paris Eternal

Toronto Defiant vs Paris Eternal

2022-07-02 13:47:08Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the day, we have the Toronto Defiant taking on the Paris Eternal. This is by no means the most exciting match one can imagine but it'll still be a good time -- asuming both teams come out the gates swinging.

Toronto are the better team, although the gap between them and their forthcoming opponents isn't nearly as tremendous as one would think. It does exist, though, and it can, at times, widen by a considerable amount. It all hinges around their preparation and the zest with which they come out and play. Their confidence varies, and much of the same can be said for the vast majority of their peers as well.

Be that as it may, the Defiant *did* get a few impressive wins on the board, and their 5W-4L record, while by no means historic, is still might respectable. They're "sqeaking by," in all fairness, but at least they're in the Top 8 so it's hard to criticize them too much for it. The Eternal, on the other hand, are still as awful as has been the case throughout the last however many weeks. They're one of the worst teams in the Overwatch League and that, in short, is not going to chance over the coming months. With just a single win on the board and a whopping -18 map differential, they are the very definition of a bottom-feeder and are only marginally less abysmal than the Vancouver Titans.

All in all, they're not much of an opponent. They can, in all fairness, put up a fight, but it happens so seldomly it's not even worth taking about. We're going with Toronto on this one — undoubtedly the only logical option.

Toronto Defiant Pinnacle 1.40 1 Win


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