Toronto Defiant
2022-06-17 19:10:00
London Spitfire

Toronto Defiant vs London Spitfire

2022-06-17 11:28:41Posted by Petar

The Toronto Defiant might be the better team, but the gap between them and London isn't nearly as large (and, by proxy, insurmountable) as the odds would lead you to believe. In fact, London are in a very peculiar position right now: they're neither good nor bad, but can, at times, play well above expectations. Their DPS duo and main tank, in particular, have had some truly exceptional performances, and it is through their individual prowess alone that London have been able to get their wins and generate momentum.

They're the ultimate dark horse, if you will, a team that's hard to read and is feisty beyond all measure. They know they're not going to be etching their names in history any time soon (if ever), but this knowledge -- painful and bitter though it may be -- isn't phasing them much (if at all). They're fighting with the utmost zest and bravado, seemingly indifferent to what everyone thinks of them and their presumed power level.

Betting on London, therefore, has us wary. There's a ton of trepidation and, well, naturally so. You can never really know how well they'll perform -- as in whether they'll bring the house down with the most mind-blowing plays known to man or simply implode at the first sign of trouble. And, well, we've seen both, often back-to-back.

Toronto, on the other hand, are a lot more consistent, but they're not what one would deem a towering giant or anything such like. They're good, with clear strengths and weaknesses and that's about it. A getekeeper, if you will, one that can, at times, exceed expectations. They're obviously better than London, perhaps more talented, more layered and able, but this gap is by no means insurmountable and it can, with appropriate practice, be narrowed.

Be that as it may, we're still on the fence as far as London are concerned so we'll go with the "safer" option here and hope for the best.

Toronto Defiant 1xBet 1.45 1 Loss


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