Team Vitality
2019-06-22 15:00:00
SK Gaming

Team Vitality vs SK Gaming

2019-06-17 11:16:47Posted by Morgonrock

Vitality has looked extremely disorganized so far this split, and here they have a must win matchup, if they are willing to make playoffs. Last split this matchup didn't go too well for them, as they got 2-0'd by the SK gaming. Things aren't looking better this split, as SK gaming is looking decent and Vitality isn't doing well at all. On top of that SK gaming has upgraded their top laner, which was previously their biggest weakness.

On the jungle things are looking good for SK gaming, who has one of the best carry junglers in the world in Selfmade, while Mowgli certainly isn't a bad jungler, he will have a hard time dealing with Selfmade's explosive early game. I can also see SK abusing Vitality's weak bot lane and getting big advantage that way.

Vitality is still getting overrated by the betting agencies thanks to their previous results, which gives some good odds while betting against them, unless their solo lanes pop off, I don't see them taking this game. I give SK gaming around 70% change to take this, which is slightly over the change 1xbet gives for them.

SK Gaming 1.55 7 Loss


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