Team Vitality
2020-06-19 16:15:00

Team Vitality vs Rogue

2020-06-19 15:59:14Posted by Petar

What a strange way to start the week off. On paper, this should've been an underwhelming clash between a mid-tier gatekeeper and bottom-tier dweller, and yet right now, as things stand, this is so much more. It also feels as though it's somewhat impossible to predict the outcome of this particular match with any concrete amount of confidence.

Again, on paper -- Rogue are the obvious favorites. There's just no other possible outcome, really. Then again, the way Vitality has been playing recently, the way they fought and persevered in their first three games was nothing short of mesmerizing. They were by no means a titan of competitive League nor were they pristine in execution, but they looked damn good for a team that was tenth place last split. They're currently sitting on a very impressive 2W-1L record and have taken down G2 Esports -- a baffling twist if there ever was any. Now, of course, that was just the first week of play and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing makes sense right now, and that's always the case whenever teams start competing again after the off-season concludes. Still, this is some indication, and it's usable evidence that Vitality have what it takes to compete against the best teams in the region. Whether or not they'll maintain this level of play is the most important question, and given their recent abysmal track record, no one's willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, they deserve a bit of respect, if anything then for the way they've handled business last week and the impressive League they've showcased on the Summoner's Rift.

Rogue, however, also made the region take notice through incredible team play and fantastic laning, and given their experience and mental fortitude, we're inclined to gravitate towards them this time around. Still, this could potentially go either way, so if you're looking for a safe bet, you might as well look elsewhere.

Rogue Pinnacle 1.45 1 Win


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