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2019-06-16 21:00:00

Team SoloMid vs Cloud9

2019-06-16 19:39:18Posted by Morgonrock

The game of the day for the 'muricans. I don't expect the game to have a high level, but C9 and TSM never fails at delivering an entertaining game for the viewers. Historically the matchup has been slighly C9 favoured, and this year their record 4-3 in the favour of C9, which means TSM has a change to tie now. Overall C9 has been more consistent this split, but TSM has their win conditions as well.

Overall when thinking about the main weakness C9 possesses, we are talking about their bot lane's laning phase, while Smoothie and Zven are perhaps the strongest bot lane during the laning phase in NA. TSM has two main weaknesses: top lane and jungle. Broken Blade is not really on the form he had during the last split, and he can be abused hard by Licorice. TSM also is still swapping time between their junglers which gives another inconsistent factor for them.

All in all, I think we have an even game about to come between these two, but C9's current form and the quality of their weakness gives them a slight edge. I give C9 a 60% change to win this, which makes the coefficient for their win certainly playble, given the uncertain and even nature for this matchup I don't recommend going big for anyone, but this is a good bet when betting with small bet, while having some other small bets with same qualities.

Cloud9 1.90 6 Loss


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