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2021-10-16 10:20:00

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD

2021-10-16 08:47:01Posted by Zatvorio26

match between the teams PSG.LGD and Team Secret will be hosted on 16.10.21

The teams will sort things out at the Dota 2 tournament The International 10

5 matches Team Secret - 4 / PSG.LGD - 5

Dota holiday is slowly but surely drawing to a close. There are only 5 teams left in the tournament, and after this fight we will find out the name of the first finalist of The International 10.

Perhaps the opposition is worthy of the grand final. West versus East. Two facets of the Dota paradigm.

Team Secret, hiding after the first season, are ready to surprise at this tournament. Anniversary tournament of the TI series for Puppey, which he really really wants to take into his piggy bank.

PSG.LGD demonstrates the highest level of play all year round. Everyone expected from them a filigree performance at 10 The International, and they more than justify these expectations

The favorite of the confrontation in this match will be PSG.LGD. Obviously it is.

I have already said that in every match at this TI PSG.LGD will be in favor. Even with such a formidable rival as Secret

PSG.LGD 1xBet 1.59 10 Win


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