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2021-10-18 12:15:00
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Team Liquid vs LNG Esports

2021-10-18 07:38:06Posted by Petar

This is where things get a lot more complicated prediction-wise. Team Liquid have been both hot and cold lately, and no one's all too sure whether they're good enough to compete on even footing with the likes of MAD, LNG, and Gen.G. On a good day they can definitely tango with the best and perhaps even eke out a win. On a bad one (and these are far more frequent), they're nowhere near capable enough trade blows and survive to tell the tale. And, the thing is, one can never be too certain of which shade of TL will step foot on stage to compete. Their strengths and virtues are heavily entwined with the team comps and strategies they employ -- there's very little flexibility over in the TL camp.

And, well, that's quite a problem seeing how they're facing some of the best and most dangerous teams the world of competitive League has to offer. They're currently tied with MAD Lions, so they definitely have a shot at making it out, but the odds of it happening are extremely slim. Then again, if Cloud9 managed to pull it off (in spite of their 0W-3L record), who's to say that Liquid can't? We all know it's highly unlikely, but seeing their peers and allies pull off the seemingly impossible has surely emboldened them.

Still, there's very little hype for Team Liquid at this point in time and it's easy to understand why: we've already seen them play against LNG and, needless to say, it wasn't a good look. In fact, Team Liquid got embarrassed. Heck, that feels like an understatement. It looked like a game between a top-tier professional team and a bunch of solo queue scrubs, as if this Team Liquid bunch had no synergy or skill whatsoever. "Demolished" would perhaps be the most apt way of describing it and, frankly, it wasn't easy to watch. LNG beat them to a pulp and had made it look easy, too.

Generally speaking, Team Liquid really have all the right tools to not only make this competitive but perhaps even get the win. With that being said, we couldn't possibly give them the benefit of the doubt after they had imploded in such emphatic fashion. They were almost perfect game'd, and while they'll surely put up a much bigger fight this time around, it almost certainly won't be enough against a team of LNG's caliber.

Speaking of LNG, if they get the win here they'll inch ever closer to making it out of groups and separating themselves from the rest of the pack. They cannot guarantee a win over Gen.G or MAD, so they'll want to make a statement here and close things out as strongly as possible. Getting a win here is, therefore, of the utmost importance, so expect a very focused, in sync LNG that'll probably play its best League of Legends yet.

LNG Esports 1xBet 1.48 2 Loss


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