2021-10-16 12:10:00
100 Thieves

T1 vs 100 Thieves

2021-10-16 11:31:21Posted by Petar

This, in short, is the kind of match-up we all look forward to throughout the year, and the fact that it's a measly Best of 1 in no way diminishes its worth. Calling this clash "PPV-worthy" wouldn't even begin to cut it! Then again, maybe their pedigrees are creating a bit more hype than what's justified. After all, the first time they fought a couple of days ago it wasn't nearly as close and competitive and most of us expected (or had hoped).

It was the EDG show from the very beginning, and T1 couldn't do a thing about it. Heck, EDG did to T1 what this perennial LCK titan did to DetonatioN FocusMe. That sentence alone tells you all you need to know about the intricate Group B power dynamics. You have EDG on top, then many empty spots, then T1, with 100 Thieves and DFM fighting for scraps way beneath them. An unflattering position, no doubt, but it goes to show just how dominant and clean EDG currently are. And, well, they've proven their doubters wrong, too, unlike FunPlus Phoenix who have already packed their bags and will head back home after getting demolished by both Cloud9 and Rogue. That series of events still has us shellshocked, but it's a brand new day and there's simply no time to ponder over what happened yesterday.

And, well, EDG and T1 deserve our undivided attention and focus — to put it mildly. Both teams and line-ups are incredibly stacked and talented, but EDG should still have edge (and quite considerably so). If T1 went over the VODs and have shored up their biggest weaknesses, they'll no doubt be able to put up a much bigger fight against the LPL giants. In the end, though, it's probably not going to matter.

T1 Pinnacle 1.27 2 Win


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