2019-06-15 15:00:00

Splyce vs exceL

2019-06-14 20:30:19Posted by Morgonrock

Excel is having extremely weak form, and are starting two new players: Mickey and Hjarnan. Mickey is known to be a complete coinflip player and it doesn't help at all that his team is on a weak form. The only constant performers on this team during the last split were Expect and Caedrel, although I don't expect them to make the miracle happen against Xerxe and Vizicsacsi who are known as one of the strongest mid-top duos in the west. Hjarnan is known as a low-eco ad carry, but he can't do his role when his supposed carry lanes aren't cutting the slack and he is facing one of the strongest EU bot lanes. Excel completely lacks firepower and are completely disorganized, the odds for Splyces win are much higher than what the odds imply.

Splyce 1.33 10 Win


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