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2022-06-05 10:20:00
Seoul Dynasty

Shanghai Dragons vs Seoul Dynasty

2022-06-05 09:52:52Posted by Petar

We cannot for the life of us understand why the Shanghai Dragons are being deemed the underdogs here. They're not only one of the very best teams the Overwatch League has to offer but have also beaten Seoul just a few days ago. It *was* an insanely close 3-2, granted, but they still got the job done which, ultimately, is the only thing that matter.

Their lopsided defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Fusion certainly *did* hurt their stock, there's no denying it, but these are the defending champions we're talking about -- they can and most certainly *will* bounce back. They'll shake it off as if it were nothing, much like they've done on so many occasions in the past. Plus, a team of their caliber has surely taken said loss in stride and has already made the necessary adjustments so as to stand the best possible chance at getting revenge should the opportunity present itself.

They'll first have to get through Seoul, though, and that, needless to say, will *not* be easy.

Regardless, we've seen this match-up play out just a couple of days ago and if Shanghai come out the gates swinging they should, by all means, be able to get their hands raised this time around as well. A win is by no means guaranteed, you really ought to know that, but betting against them simply wouldn't make any sense given their track record against Seoul (6-3, map-wise) and ability to perform (and clutch it out) at the highest of levels.

And so Shanghai it is.

Shanghai Dragons Pinnacle 2.04 1 Loss


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