Shanghai Dragons
2022-05-20 10:10:00
Philadelphia Fusion

Shanghai Dragons vs Philadelphia Fusion

2022-05-20 09:46:24Posted by Petar

It's still hard to make any kind of sweeping statement in regards to the 2022 edition of the Overwatch League. So far it's been quite an exciting ride but, as always, it's way too early for long-term predictions and assumptions that may or may not hold up in a few months' time.

As a result, it is sometimes exceedingly hard to predict who'll come out top, what with the entire league shifting to the 5 vs. 5 format, there being a brand new DPS hero, and the meta still allowing for a bit of "craziness." Betting on competitive Overwatch is currently both incredible exciting *and* quite dangerous.

This particular match, however, feels like foregone conclusion.

The Shanghai Dragon have made very nuanced changes throughout the course of the off-season, which means they're all but guaranteed to start 2022 off with a bang. Their line-up is amongst the most capable and talented, and anything other than a Top 3 would automatically be deemed a "failure." They're *that* good.

Now, granted, we've yet to see either of these two teams compete, but we're confident beyond measure that Shanghai will be able to deliver and, in doing so, get their very first win on the board over in the Eastern region. They're one of this year's biggest favorites and will surely look to make a statement right from the very get-go!

Shanghai Dragons 1xBet 1.10 1 Loss


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