Shanghai Dragons
2022-09-02 11:40:00
Los Angeles Valiant

Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Valiant

2022-09-02 04:09:56Posted by Petar

This, in short, is one of the most lopsided mismatches the Overwatch League has to offer. There's really no other way to say it. The Shanghai Dragons are one of the very best teams in the world. The Valiant, on the other hand, are nothing but a feisty bottom-dweller. There's a night and day difference between and, well, it's been like that for many a month now.

Shanghai will, by all means, end up victorious once everything is said and done. They're better in every conceivable way which doesn't, however, mean that the Valiant will just roll over and surrender -- far from it, in fact. They've demonstrated an incredible amount of grit lately and, well, if they come out the gates swinging they might even be able to take a map off of the defending champions. It's unlikely, sure, but by no means impossible.

If they had managed to go the distance with the Philadelphia Fusion and the Guangzhou Charge, who's to say that they couldn't give Shanghai a run for their money as well? They have nothing left to lose, after all, so they'll probably go for the craziest strats and plays. Will they be cohesive and capable enough toe execute? Probably not, but they'll try all the same.

In any case, Shanghai are far superior and should be able to come out on top even if they were to play their absolute worst Overwatch yet.

Shanghai Dragons Pinnacle 1.09 1 Win


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