Shanghai Dragons
2020-05-23 12:00:00
London Spitfire

Shanghai Dragons vs London Spitfire

2020-05-21 12:41:27Posted by lobster180

Shanghai Dragons have been the absolute stand out team in the APAC region of Overwatch league going 11-2 so far in the regular season. Their flexibility and star power especially on dps is unparralled whilst the rookie performances of Leejaegon and Stand1 have been major factors in them sweeping much of the asian region. They play a London Spitfire team in the quarter finals of May Melee which they beat 3-0 in the qualifying just last week in what was a sloppy performance from both teams.

London will be very much dependant on the meta to be favourable to make this a close game and hope the meta accommodates their star player Glister to perform but Shanghai's ability to adapt and their talent should mean this is yet another easy win for the Dragons and progress to the semi finals with a 3-0 or 3-1 win.

Shanghai Dragons Betway 1.08 10 Win


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