Shanghai Dragons
2022-08-20 11:30:00
Hangzhou Spark

Shanghai Dragons vs Hangzhou Spark

2022-08-20 00:32:36Posted by Petar

An absolute spectacle in the making! That's perhaps the most apt way to describe this particular match-up. It's also incredibly volatile, too; this is the kind of clash bettors almost always eschew from, and rightfully so! Let's get on thing perfectly clear: both teams have about an equal shot at getting away with the win. That much is a fact. Shanghai are obviously better and more cohesive, they have more experience and a higher skill ceiling as well, but they haven't been all that consistent over the last few months and one can never be too certain whether they'll come out the gates swinging or implode in the most underwhelming of ways -- we've seen both scenarios and outcomes on many an occasion.

That's why we're so darn wary of a potential upset happening. Now, to be fair, Hangzhou's mental probably isn't at its best after their lopsided defeat to the Seoul Dynasty, but it'd be ludicrous of us to just count them out and call it a day. They've earned our benefit of the doubt after maintaining a very impressive level of play throughout the whole season. They might not be "championship material" but they sure can pack a punch and compete!

If everything goes "according to plan," Shanghai *will* emerge victorious, but it's probably not going to be pretty. And, well, if Hangzhou bring their "A game" they might even be able to go the proverbial distance. In any case, expect a lot of chaos, a metric ton of skirmishing, and more jaw-dropping plays than you can shake a stick at!

Shanghai Dragons Pinnacle 1.41 1 Win


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