Shanghai Dragons
2022-06-26 11:30:00
Hangzhou Spark

Shanghai Dragons vs Hangzhou Spark

2022-06-25 23:58:14Posted by Petar

This one's tricky. Shanghai Dragons and Hangzhou Spark are both top-tier competitors and are, in fact, some of the best and most capable teams the Eastern region has to offer. That much is a fact. The problem is that we're still not quite sure where *exactly* they fall relative to the rest of their peers, namely the Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty.

Hangzhou came up short mere weeks ago against both Philly *and* Seoul, and yet they didn't struggle much against either during the regular season. That's what's so confusing. So, on the one hand, we know they have it in them, but on the other, they failed to harness said potential when it mattered most.

Shanghai, on the other hand, were a lot more competitive. We *could* chalk up their losses to "having a bad day," although that wouldn't exactly be fair towards some of their opponents. They're still exceedingly dangerous and should pretty much be favored against anyone not named Seoul Dynasty. They might be a bit inconsistent from time to time, but they have the right players to clutch it out nearly each and every single time.

This one's totally up in the air. Shanghai are the better team but that doesn't mean they'll be able to get the win. It's really not that simple over in the Eastern region. Hangzhou are an exceedingly dangerous opponent, but if the Dragons come out swinging -- and find a way to impose their own playstyle -- they should definitely be able to emerge victorious.

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