Shanghai Dragons
2022-08-19 10:10:00
Guangzhou Charge

Shanghai Dragons vs Guangzhou Charge

2022-08-19 03:29:40Posted by Petar

The 2022 season of the Overwatch League has been "in session" for quite a while now and we, for one, still cannot fully and confidently assess the Shanghai Dragons. They're insanely capable and talented beyond all measure. That much is both clear and obvious. They're not, however, the most consistent team around, and their performance at the most recent Mid-Season Madness tournament sure did leave a bit to be desired. They're still a towering giant, mind you, but they haven't been as clutch as we thought they'd be coming into 2022. It's also impossible to predict whether that'll change over the coming weeks and months which only makes our job that much more challenging and precarious.

Be that as it may, they're still head and shoulders better than Guangzhou Charge. Heck, that feels like an understatement! The Charge are the de facto worst team in the Eastern region and that, in short, isn't going to change any time soon. They've been getting smacked around by pretty much all of their peers, and their abysmal 1W-11L record tells the same tale, too. Their -26 map differential is also astounding -- albeit in the worst possible sense. Heck, even the Los Angeles Valiant, a bottom-dweller in their own right, have been able to generate (a bit) more hype and get a few more wins on the board (in spite of the odds). For Guangzhou, the season is all but officially over as there's nothing whatsoever that they can do in order to correct course and leave some kind of a mark.

Siding with the Shanghai Dragons on this one is pretty much a no-brainer.

Shanghai Dragons 1xBet 1.23 1 Win


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