Shanghai Dragons
2022-08-28 12:15:00
Chengdu Hunters

Shanghai Dragons vs Chengdu Hunters

2022-08-28 10:32:30Posted by Petar

This is where things get a lot more interesting and, potentially, competitive. No one's quite sure how high to rank Chengdu and, well, whether or not they're really as good as they seem. They had these moments of brilliance in the recent past as well but they never really amounted to anything. Is this just another streak — a flash in the pan, if you will? Or, perhaps, an indication that they've finally transcended their gatekeeper status and are ready (and willing) to compete with the very best teams the Eastern region has to offer?

It's hard to tell, frankly, and we've also been burned many a time in the past, too, which only further adds to our wariness.

Be that as it may, they *have* improved and are, therefore, worthy of everyone's respect. They're not a towering giant by any stretch of the imagination but they sure can pack a punch. Any team that can 3-0 the Philadelphia Fusion is, by all means, a veritable threat. Their 3-1 shellacking of the Hangzhou Spark also warrants a mention — it basically solidified Chengdu as a Top 3 team, ranked right behind the likes of Seoul and Shanghai. And now, obviously, is their chance to upend *those* expectations as well.

Will they succeed? We doubt it, but they sure will try, and if they come out the gates swinging and play to the best of their ability, they might even be able to go the distance with the 2021 Overwatch League champions. In any case, it'll be a hotly contested affair — one that is more than worthy of your time and attention!

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