Seoul Dynasty
2022-08-20 10:10:00
Chengdu Hunters

Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters

2022-08-19 23:58:28Posted by Petar

After beating the brakes off of Hangzhou mere hours ago, we can -- at long last and with a fair bit of certainty -- say that Seoul Dynasty are in a league of their own. Their most recent level of play has left no one indifferent; the fact that they, too, can make mistakes does very little to dampen and diminish their astounding momentum.

To deliver and compete with such zest, such precision and bravado, requires an inhumane amount of preparation and, perhaps most importantly, talent. They've peaked at just the right moment, too, and if they can keep playing (and winning) in this current fashion there's not a doubt on our mind that they'll be one of the biggest favorites to go the proverbial distance and become Overwatch League champions. It's not going to be easy, but they sure do have the right tools and weapons for the job.

Chengdu are pretty darn good in their own right, there's no doubt about it, but they're still not on the same level as Seoul or Shanghai or even Hangzhou for that matter. They're not to be underestimated though, and their middling (but still marginally impressive) record serves as proof. Whenever they get on the same page and execute as a five-man unit they sure can pack a punch!

An upset win, however, most certainly *isn't* going to happen. There's really no other way to say it. They'll put up a fight and maybe even get a map win on the board but anything more than that feels not just unlikely but nigh impossible, too. Seoul are simply way too good and dangerous at this point in time which means that betting on them is really the only possible option.

Seoul Dynasty Pinnacle 1.53 1 Win


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