San Francisco Shock
2022-09-08 22:05:00
Vancouver Titans

San Francisco Shock vs Vancouver Titans

2022-09-07 21:33:06Posted by Petar

Last but certainly not least, we have a truly lopsided mismatch — one that's barely even worth talking about. The San Francisco Shock, despite their most recent loss to the Dallas Fuel, are still a towering giant, a team of immense strength and potential and one of the biggest frontrunners to hoist the 2022 Overwatch League trophy. They might not be *the* best at this particular point in time but they're not far off either, and a few slight tweaks and adjustments may well enough for them to once again get showered in confetti.

The Vancouver Titans, on the other hand, are a gatekeeper — at best. We're not quite sure how high to rank them and whether or not they even deserve and particular attention, but they *have* improved, that much is a fact, so credit where credit is due.

Their 3W-3L record sort of says it all: good, but far from great. Feisty, but still far too flawed and inconsistent to ever truly stand a chance against the Overwatch League creme de la creme. Still, they can, at times, overperform and exceed expectations, so they're definitely not worth ridiculing either. For a team that had as bad a start as they did, they deserve nothing but our utmost respect and admiration. To lose so many times in a row — and in the most tremendous of ways — and *still* find the strength and motive to evolve and grow must've required an otherworldly amount of perseverence and dedication, and we, for one, are very happy to see it. It's a rare thing, and it becomes rarer and rarer the lower down the standings you go.

In the end, though, they're just not equipped to tango with a team as capable and stacked as the San Francisco Shock. They'll put up a fight, mind you, but we don't foresee this one going the distance (or anything close to it).

San Francisco Shock 1xBet 1.10 1 Win


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