San Francisco Shock
2022-08-20 20:35:00
Los Angeles Gladiators

San Francisco Shock vs Los Angeles Gladiators

2022-08-20 20:06:31Posted by Petar

This one's both a veritable nightmare *and* an absolute barnburner -- the kind that can make us water at the mouth! This, for all intents and purposes, is a clash between the two best teams the Western region has to offer. That much is a fact, and it's a well-known one, too.

And it is precisely because they're so similar in strength and potential that making any sort of prediction (with confidence, at least) feels nigh impossible. They're way too good at the game and have very few weaknesses and exploitable flaws. It's a clash of titans, is what it is, and the winner will, naturally, be determined by the slimmest of margins.

The Los Angeles Gladiators have thus far been a lot more successful whenever they played in front of a live audience; the Shock, on the other hand, have basically been flawless whenever they played from home and didn't feel the pressure and burden that their logo invariably puts on their shoulders. It's an interesting dichotomy, all things considered, and also a puzzle we've yet to solve.

This kind of set-up is phenomenal for the viewer, the spectator who's yearning for some top-tier competitive Overwatch. Those looking to gamble, however, should probably look elsewhere. In the end, though, we'll have to side with the San Francisco Shock on this one -- although by no means are we doing it with any supreme amount of confidence.

They're neck and neck, so do make sure to tune in (and prepare ample amounts of popcorn while you're at it!)

San Francisco Shock 1xBet 1.42 1 Win


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