San Francisco Shock
2022-09-02 22:10:00
Dallas Fuel

San Francisco Shock vs Dallas Fuel

2022-09-02 19:15:44Posted by Petar

A clash of titans, is what this is, and we, for one, cannot wait for them to start trading the heaviest of blows! We're talking about two absolutely giants here and the de facto best teams the Western region has to offer. San Francisco and Dallas have been on a tear lately, and their records tell the same tale: five wins, zero losses after three weeks of the Summer Showdown qualifiers. The Shock have been ever so slightly more commanding but we also need to take their strength of schedule into consideration. They're neck and neck in both performance *and* talent, although it still feels like the Shock are a cut above. They've shown so few weaknesses thus far and have actually never dropped a game throughout the regular season.

That's... astoundingly impressive, all things considered. They weren't nearly as successful in the Countdown Cup or any other tournament, but that's beside the point. If they're playing from home in an online setting, the San Francisco Shock have *always* found a way to deliver and, by proxy, win.

The Dallas Fuel haven't been much worse, but there's still a bit of a gap between them. Will it make a big enough difference tonight? We'll find out soon enough. In any case, we'll side with the Shock and hope for the best.

San Francisco Shock Pinnacle 1.65 1 Loss


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