San Francisco Shock
2022-06-03 19:10:00
Atlanta Reign

San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign

2022-06-03 16:37:18Posted by Petar

The fact that the Washington Justice took San Francisco to five maps took us all by surprise. And, well, we're not quite sure what to think of it. Either the Justice overperformed, or the Shock regressed in the heat of the moment. No other plausible scenario comes to mind. And so we are left to wonder: how good are San Francisco at this point in time? How has the shift to playing in front of a live audience affected them? They are, by all metrics, the best team in the Overwatch League, but if they cannot deliver on the biggest of stages (at least not at this early point of the season) then their talent and cohesion won't amount to much (if anything at all).

It is a very real point of concern although, in all fairness, we might just be blowing it all out of proportion. An iffy showing against a mid-tier gatekeeper should by no means be a reason to sound the alarms and start criticizing their play, regardless if it's justified or not. Plus, we mustn't forget that they *did* eventually pull off a reverse sweep -- that must be worth *something*. They shouldn't have found themselves in such an unfavorable position, granted, but they *did* clutch it out once it mattered most, so credit where credit is due.

Their next opponent is ever so slightly more capable than Washington, although though by no means should Atlanta be deemed a "giant-slayed". They're good, relatively cohesive and, at times, fairly dangerous. That's about it. It's not the most awe-inspiring description of a team but it *is* an accurate one. They're equipped to tango and to really push San Francisco to their very limits but not *win*.

That doesn't, however, mean that they don't stand a chance at upsetting -- that they very much do. The Shock should be able to handle the pressure, though, and eventually come out ahead. Well, that's our hope at least.

San Francisco Shock Pinnacle 1.28 1 Loss


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