Royal Never Give Up
2021-10-12 14:50:00

Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic

2021-10-12 03:03:43Posted by BRGamer

Fnatic lost an important player in that World Championship. In his debut match, he lost to Hanwha Life 1-0 and will now face the best team in the world, Royal Never Give Up. The RNG is doing very well, it's prepared to win this World Championship and will win this match with ease, it will dominate the match from the early game. This match should have few kills and little accumulated gold. This match can end before 26 minutes.

Royal Never Give Up 1xBet 1.24 10 Loss


BRGamer 2021-10-17 04:55:29

Royal Never Give Up won the match played against Fnatic.

The result should be WIN.