2020-07-18 16:15:00

Rogue vs exceL

2020-07-18 16:03:27Posted by Petar

A fight between Rogue and Excel Esports certainly seems like a clash between two middle of the pack contenders, but that kind of narrative is pretty much outdated at this point. Rogue are no longer a mid-tier gatekeeper -- they're no longer struggling across the board, but have instead realized their inherent potential and are currently one of the best teams the LEC has to offer.

Now, granted, we're still not sure whether they'll maintain such a respectable level of play, but they've done more than enough to earn our benefit of the doubt. Everyone saw the amount of potential Rogue had back when they first went on that miraculous run back in 2019 Summer, but they needed a bit more time to mature and work on their inherent flaws. Now, a full year later, they've finally become a top-tier challenger that can tango with the best out there. Of course, they're far from perfect, but they think like a unit and they play like one, meaning they'll always engage and team fight with the same goal in mind. They're not slow or reactive but are instead always looking to engage and skirmish without fear -- a true bravado-fuelled challenger that's unafraid of throwing down regardless of the consequences.

Fortunately, they also have a metric ton of mechanical talent so they can back up almost any play they go for. With talented players in each and every role (and a bit of veteran presence thrown in for good measure), Rogue are poised to continue dominating. They're currently tied for first place along with MAD Lions, and shouldn't have too much trouble in taking Excel Esports down.

Speaking of the UK-based organization, they've been playing a bit better than most people expected, but they're just nowhere near as good to actually contest for a spot higher up the standings. A good early game and a bit of individual talent simply isn't enough. They're not exactly bad, but they always end up making an egregious mistake or two in the mid or late game which, in turn, allows their opponents to capitalize and get the win. This game should be no different, even though it might be a bit more competitive than the odds would suggest.

Rogue Pinnacle 1.33 3 Win


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