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Rogue vs Cloud9

2021-10-11 01:35:26Posted by Petar

There's no good, sound way of predicting how things will pan out here. If you go with Rogue and they lose, you'll feel like a fool for ever doubting Cloud9 — the only North American team that has ever truly left a mark on the international stage (and a line-up with Perkz and Zven, two absolute legends who are still at the top of their game). If you go with Cloud9 and *they* lose, you'll feel just as bad for not betting against them after their fairly shoddy run (flawed would perhaps be the most apt description) in the Play-Ins.

It could really go either way. These two teams are really separated by the slimmest of margins, and while Cloud9 arguably have a lot more potential in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't be the first time for them to squander it and implode at the first sign of trouble.

It goes without saying, but both teams want to win here no matter the cost as this, in a way, is the only "winnable" game they'll get — neither Cloud9 nor Rogue will be able to do much against DWG KIA and FunPlus Phoenix (at least not if things pan out as everyone expects them to).

As for who's better than whom, there's also no way of knowing without first seeing them clash. Cloud9 have a lot more power on paper, but that means nothing if they're unable to harness it. Rogue, for one, have definitely accomplished great things, in spite of the fact that they never really had much to work with. They're all great players, but they pale in comparison to most of their more seasoned, high-profile peers. They don't have any true superstar under their banner, but rather a slew of great, well-rounded players who have resulted in Rogue being stronger than the sum of its parts. They also don't have the best mental game, if their recent losses to the MAD Lions are anything to go by. They crumble whenever the pressure mounts, and that should almost surely be evident on the Worlds stage as well.

Cloud9 are by no means perfect, but how can one bet against a team with Perkz and Zven? Heck, even Vulcan is in the conversation for being one of the best North American supports of all time, in spite of his shortcomings. Blaber, of course, is either hit or miss, but whenever he's game it's like watching poetry in motion. Last but certainly not least we have Fudge who has quickly risen in prominence and is often the most consistent (if not most impactful) member on Cloud9. They have many great tools to work with, and even though they don't always harness them correctly, they should no doubt be favored (at least ever so slightly) over Rogue, a team that has yet to step foot on stage in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In any case, this one can truly go either way, no matter what the oddsmakers have to say. We'll side with Cloud9, but not with any supreme amount of confidence.

Cloud9 Pinnacle 2.19 1 Loss


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