Philadelphia Fusion
2022-08-27 13:20:00
Shanghai Dragons

Philadelphia Fusion vs Shanghai Dragons

2022-08-27 10:58:34Posted by Petar

This one's a lot simpler to predict and we, for one, couldn't be happier for that being the case. The Summer Showdown qualifiers have thus far been very volatile, so covering a lopsided beatdown — while not particularly exciting — is still a highly welcome change, one that'll no doubt serve as a great boon to our betting endeavours.

The Philadelphia Fusion, while undeniably great and talented, haven't been nearly as consistent or dangerous as we thought they'd be. What's at the crux of the issue still remains to be seen, but they're running out of time, and unless they can find a way to correct course and bounce back, they'll be forced to pack their bags and observe the playoffs from the sidelines.

They're currently 1W-1L which, in all fairness, isn't all that impressive. They narrowly beat the Los Angeles Valiant before getting demolished by the Chengdu Hunters. That's... quite underwhelming, especially for a team of their stature and reverence. And, unfortunately, their schedule is only going to get worse and worse. If they could barely beat the Los Angeles Valiant, what hope do they have of beating a towering giant like the Shanghai Dragons? A team that, by all metrics, is one of the biggest favorites to claim the throne and etch their names in history (yet again).

All in all, you'd be wise to temper your expectations if you're a Fusion fan. By the looks of it, they're not going to be leaving any kind of a mark, and while they shouldn't be counted out just yet they are nonetheless severely flawed and, worse of all, inconsistent beyond all measure.

Betting on the Shanghai Dragons, in this case, is the only logical option.

Shanghai Dragons 1xBet 1.31 2 Win


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