Paris Eternal
2022-05-15 22:40:00
Toronto Defiant

Paris Eternal vs Toronto Defiant

2022-05-15 15:10:47Posted by Petar

Predicting the outcome of this particular match is tantamount to an agony. We might be a bit harsh here, but by no means was that last sentence incorrect. Both Toronto and Paris are generally similar in terms of strength and overall potential. There *are* many differences between them, but we still don't know how big of a factor they're going to play over the next few months.

We're going in blind, in other words, and that's not something we're ever really a fan of when it comes to betting as it yield too great of a risk.

On the one side, we have the Toronto Defiant, one of the least successful organizations in Overwatch League history. Their line-up for 2022, however, is pretty darn solid. Heesu will be their main DPS player which is a great thing overall as he's far better than most folks want to give him credit for. Their tank line-up, on the other hand, leaves a bit to be desired. They have HOTBA and MuZe, two players who are *okay* but not much better than that. HOTBA is about as inconsistent as it gets, with huge highs and equally tremendous lows. He's definitely more impactful than MuZe but that, too, can be brought into question given his overall track record.

The one part where the Defiant *do* shine is their backline: CH0R0NG and Twilight are both cracked for mechanics and are some of the best supports in the entire League. They're so exceedingly good at what they do, with CH0R0NG being one of the most promising supports coming out of Contenders. He can seemingly play it all -- and at an astonishingly high level, too! They'll no doubt give Toronto a puncher's chance, although don't expect any miracles. They're a middle-of-the-pack kind of team, a gatekeeper if you will, but they *will* be able to compete -- of that you can be certain.

Much of the same can be said for the Paris Eternal as well, although they probably don't have as high a skill ceiling as their forthcoming opponents. They've kept much of the same roster from 2021 which means they'll have a bit more synergy than the vast majority of their peers. They were also able to exceed all expectations last year which means they could, by all means, put on a show this time around as well. They, too, are a middling gatekeeper, but are nonetheless fairly competent and are not to be trifled with.

All in all, we'll have to go with the Toronto Defiant on this one as they've shown a lot more potential thus far and are seemingly more cohesive as a five-man unit. They're by no means a towering giant, but are nonetheless playing at a higher level at this point in time. It'll be close, but the Defiant should be able to come out on top once everything is said and done.

Toronto Defiant 1xBet 1.17 1 Win


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