Paris Eternal
2022-09-02 20:30:00
New York Excelsior

Paris Eternal vs New York Excelsior

2022-09-02 16:40:55Posted by Petar

A clash of bottom-dweller and a match-up devoid of any real hype. There's really no reason to tune in unless, of course, you happen to be partial to drawn-out fiestas. There are so many other teams and matches worthy of our attention that we'd rather not spend too much time on New York and Paris -- two severely flawed line-ups with no real potential. We're being really harsh here but it's the truth and there's really no reason for anyone to sugarcoat it.

The Eternal were only capable enough to get a single win on the board and, funnily enough, it was at New York's expense. It happened all the way back in late June so it's not really usable intel but still, it *did* happen. The Excelsior were ever so slightly more competitive and, by proxy, successful, but we're talking nuances here -- the insignificant kind, too.

Then again, those slight, minute details and differences may end up making a world of difference once they start trading blows. Regardless, we'll side with New York on this one as they've been a bit more impressive lately, but it could really go either way.

New York Excelsior Pinnacle 1.41 1 Win


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