Paris Eternal
2022-05-28 21:10:00
Houston Outlaws

Paris Eternal vs Houston Outlaws

2022-05-28 15:08:37Posted by Petar

The odds for this particular clash are quite telling: 1.04 on the Outlaws winning? That's... rough and, frankly, it's about right, too. The gap between them and the Paris Eternal seems to be growing by the minute. The Houston boys aren't exactly the most capable or dangerous, but they sure do have a ton of potential. They're still a bit too inconsistent for our liking, but their skill ceiling cannot be brought into question.

They 3-0'd the Dallas Fuel and the London Spitfire, and had won out in a hotly contested five-map series against the Florida Mayhem. They're feisty beyond measure, with their only two losses coming at the hands of the San Francisco Shock (hardly a surprise) and the Washington Justice who seems to have peaked at just the right moment. All in all, their record is varied but also quite impressive and there's not a doubt on our mind that they'll be rubbing shoulders with the biggest favorites over the coming weeks and months.

The Paris Eternal, on the other hand, are the de facto worst team in the Overwatch League. It's basically a tie between them and the Vancouver Titans, but the boys in purple and red *do* seem ever so slightly less capable. They're a bottom-feeder through and through and the fact that they've only won two maps out of 17 which they played speaks volumes. They're a punching bag, is what they are. And, by the looks of it, that isn't going to change any time soon (if ever). In any case, betting on the Houston Outlaws is the only logical choice here.

Houston Outlaws 1xBet 1.02 1 Win


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