Paris Eternal
2022-07-08 22:45:00
Atlanta Reign

Paris Eternal vs Atlanta Reign

2022-07-08 21:28:31Posted by Petar

Atlanta haven't been doing all that well lately and we, for one, don't really understand why. They were so darn incredible just a few weeks back! What could've possibly occurred within such a short time frame? Is it a bit of turmoil behind the scenes? A seemingly imperceptible shift in the meta? A lack of motivation? Perhaps a mixture of these things?

Whatever it might be, their last few matches *are* a cause for concern. The Reign are by no means bad or incapable, but it *has* been a while since the last time they took down a top-tier opponent, and their last two losses (to the Houston Outlaws and San Francisco Shock, respectively) haven't done them any favors. With six wins and five losses to their name, they're still a Top 6 competitor — and, therefore, a worthy threat — but they're no longer as feared and complicated to "decipher" as was the case just a few weeks back. Whether that'll change once the Midseason Madness comes around still remains to be seen, but we're not particularly optimistic.

This is, therefore, a vital opportunity for them to not only bounce back in style but also make one heck of a statement. Beating the Paris Eternal isn't worth much these days, of that we're all aware, but if the Reign can blow their forthcoming opponents out of the water they *will* generate a bit of much-needed momentum. And that, in short, they're in dire need of.

In any case, facing a team as flawed as Paris will surely do wonders for their confidence. A clean 3-0 feels all but guaranteed.

Atlanta Reign 1xBet 1.08 2 Win


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