2019-08-09 19:05:00

Origen vs Splyce

2019-08-09 18:38:49Posted by Petar

For our fourth match of the day we have an absolute barnburner. This is basically a clash between two teams that are right behind G2 Esports and Fnatic in terms to strength and potential.

While they're nowhere near as consistent (at least when compared to G2 Esports), they're definitely sound in all facets of play and they have all the right tools in order to create chaos in the standings.

That said, both teams are at opposite ends of the playoffs when it comes to both positioning as well as overall hype and momentum. Splyce are still tied with Fnatic in the overall win/loss tally and have shown no intention of relinquishing possession of second place. Then again, their one loss to Excel Esports kind of hurt their stock, seeing how it was a one-sided shellacking after all.

They're a solid contender, albeit somewhat rough around the edges. They're becoming better with each passing week, and while it's still too early too predict anything with confidence, they definitely have the potential to finish in the Top 3.

Then again, Splyce always fumbled when it mattered the most. Maybe now, with ample experience and multiple failures and triumphs, they will be able to finally transcend a certain level of play and become a part of the LEC pantheon.

Origen, on the other hand, are still a big question mark. We've seen their highs, and we were not left indifferent. That said, they lack consistency -- to say the least. They're just not as strong, cohesive, or aggressive at this point in time as some would expect. They're definitely a lock for the playoffs if they continue playing like this (an acceptable level of play, but far from great), but they seriously need to step up, get on the same page, and start stringing wins if they want to stand a chance of doing some damage once the playoffs come around.

Why they're so meek and indecisive is a still a mystery, but we know -- through empirical evidence -- that they're better in a Best of 5 format. They're banking on their massive experience and mental fortitude and while that is one of their biggest assets they're definitely not exuding strength and confidence.

Will they be able to get on the same page and finally play to their strengths? The odds are definitely on their side, but right now, they're still playing a Best of 1 against a solid, well-rounded Splyce roster that's a layered, capable threat in all stages of the game.

They might not be an early game behemoth, but they're deceptively strong and have definitely earned their place in the standings. They might not be clean when it comes to execution, but they're darn close.

In the end, we simply have to side with Splyce. They're solid enough and even though they probably won't blow Origen out of the water, they should be more than capable of getting the win. That said, if Origen step up and start swinging right out of the gates, this should be an insanely even match that could, in theory, go either way.

Splyce 1.64 2 Win


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