2019-06-21 18:10:00
FC Schalke 04

Origen vs FC Schalke 04

2019-06-17 11:08:51Posted by Morgonrock

Origen and Schalke 04 share the same 2-2 record during the summer split, but this matchup isn't as even as the statistics suggests: Origen are coming to this matchup as the clear favourites, but that doesn't still mean that betting for Schalke is that dumb of an idea with the 2.75 coefficient given to their win by Bet365.

Both Schalke and Origen have managed to beat mid-tier teams once in Misfits and Splyce, but haven't managed to challenge the top-tier teams in Fnatic and G2, making them both upper mid-tier teams at best. Looking at their rosters, with quick judgement you can give Origen the upperhand by looking at their solo lanes, but Schalke has the upperhand in the bottom side of the map. Kold and Trick are both pretty passive, methodical junglers, so I don't expect a quick and explosive early game from these teams.

Given the passive nature of these teams, I can say that this game will go 35 minutes+, which gives the advantage to the team with the better Ad carry, which is definitely going to be Schalke. Origen's win condition lies in their solo lanes, and their ability to take advantage against the weaker opposition. Overall I think Origen are the favourites, but Schalke's win condition is more likely to trigger, than what the coefficient given to their win suggests, making betting for their win a rather attractive choice.

FC Schalke 04 2.75 3 Loss


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