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2019-06-23 23:25:00
Echo Fox

OpTic Gaming vs Echo Fox

2019-06-23 22:07:48Posted by Petar

For our final game of the day, we have an interesting clash between OpTic Gaming and Echo Fox. Now, coming into the 2019 Summer Split, neither of these two teams had much going for them. OpTic was unable to reach the playoffs last split and didn't do much overall, whereas Echo Fox ended up in the Top 6 but couldn't really get much done in the grand scheme of things.

In the end, both teams managed to upset from time to time, and many words were written about their innate potential. But despite being filled with talented players, they were unable to crack the upper echelon of the LCS. They were both regarded as acceptable, perhaps even solid gatekeepers that could maybe slide into the playoffs if everything goes their way.

But this split has jump-started a completely different storyline both both teams. Echo Fox started off well, and even though they displayed admirable individual skill, mechanical prowess and team fighting, they were unable to do much on the Summoner's Rift any time they stepped foot on stage. Their only win so far after four weeks of competitive play came due to a surprising upset over Team Solo Mid "way back when". They were competitive more often than not, but being "close" just doesn't cut it in a hyper competitive environment. They did a lot of stuff right, but whenever they had to step up and maintain a certain level of excellence, they fell short of the mark.

And that kind of thing went on for weeks. We all thought they would eventually step up and claim a spot near the top (much like they did back in Spring), but for one reason or another, they always failed to get the job done. Such is the story of Echo Fox. Surprisingly strong and capable when you least expect it, and yet weak and fragile when they presumably have the upper hand.

Because of their inconsistent, volatile nature, they're sitting with just one win right now. While it's still not too late to turn things around, the odds are definitely stacked against them seeing how they're one of the few teams that didn't upgrade or improve over the course of the off-season. The fact that they're constantly changing their roster and mixing their Academy and LCS line-ups further hinders their performance.

OpTic Gaming, on the other hand, have quickly solidified themselves as a bona fide contender. Now, no one's really expecting them to challenge for the LCS throne, but they're gonna come close, that's for sure, at least based off of the first four weeks of play. They faced many tough challengers over the last couple of weeks and they stepped up and won more often than not. They're currently sitting with five wins to their name which was enough to tie them for first place.

They're entering today's match after yesterday's (upset, one might add) win over Team Solo Mid, and the fact that they were able to best a team of TSM's caliber even without Crown in the mid lane speaks volumes about this team and the amount of work that they're putting in week after week. They're hard to read right now, but they're definitely strong and have many tools in their tool shed and should be more than capable of taking Echo Fox down.

Now, whenever we have two teams that are somewhat inconsistent, predicting the outcome become a nightmarish endeavor. That said, OpTic should have the edge in every regard, and even though it might not be a one-sided affair, the boys in green and black should be able to get the W.

OpTic Gaming 1.49 10 Loss


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