2021-10-07 07:05:00
The Alliance

OG vs The Alliance

2021-10-07 06:08:47Posted by agaydarov

This is the first competitive match for both teams for nearly 2 months now. All teams want to show that they have come prepared and ready to surprise their opponents. OG and Aliance know each other very well, being from the same EU region. OG took the longest path to TI after failing to qualify during the regular DPC season, while Aliance won their spot at TI directly after going to the 2 majors this season. The games between these 2 teams are always competitive and full of emotions but I dont expect neither of the teams to win 2-0, and given the format of this match BO2 - I think both teams will be happy to share 1 map each.

Draw 1xBet 2.73 6 Loss


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