New York Excelsior
2022-05-27 21:00:00
Toronto Defiant

New York Excelsior vs Toronto Defiant

2022-05-27 19:17:53Posted by Petar

Toronto Defiant facing off against the New York Excelsior probably isn't going to result in fireworks. We'd love to be wrong but our gut rarely deceives us. It's still worth a watch though, despite the fact that it will neither make waves nor go down in the history books for its importance.

The Toronto Defiant, for one, have more than earned all the praise and commendation they've been getting. We're not willing to label them as a top-tier team just yet, but they're certainly trading blows with the who's who of the Overwatch League and have made us take notice in the most tremendous of fashions. Their 3W-2L record isn't particularly impressive, but it's still more than impressive *enough*. They hold wins over the Houston Outlaws (3-2), Paris Eternal (3-0), and the Boston Uprising (3-1).

Their wins aren't the most astounding one can imagine, but they're not half bad either, so credit where credit is due. That one trimph over the Outlaws speaks volumes and is proof that Toronto can, in fact, perform at the highest of levels when the stars align and they manage to find their groove. Beating Paris and Boston isn't worth much these days, but a win's a win and they'll take 'em. New York Excelsior aren't much better, in all fairness, so a win for the Defiant seems all but guaranteed here.

That being said, the meta's still in a state of flux, there's no definitive way or approach on how the game should be played, and things seem to be more precarious and malleable than ever. So just have that in mind as things could, by all means, turn upside down on a moment's notice. That's great for the viewers, but is pretty much the absolute worst scenario for those looking to "earn a quick buck."

Regardless, we believe in Toronto's chances here and, should they come out swinging, they'll almost certainly be able to get the win. They probably won't dominate much (if at all), but a triumph seems most likely.

Toronto Defiant 1xBet 1.27 1 Win


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