New York Excelsior
2022-08-26 21:15:00
San Francisco Shock

New York Excelsior vs San Francisco Shock

2022-08-26 20:53:16Posted by Petar

At long last: a lopsided beatdown for us to cover! Matches like these might not be exciting to watch, but they sure are a precious blessing for anyone looking to bet on competitive Overwatch. This, for all intents and purposes, is a clash between one of the very best teams to ever step foot on stage and a veritable bottom-dweller, one that has very little (if any) long-term potential.

It'll be a complete and utter shellacking, and there's nothing whatsoever that New York will be able to do to stop it. They're simply not good or talented enough to compete on even footing and, well, they surely know it, too. The gap between them is about as gargantuan and insurmountable as it gets.

Our choice, therefore, is clear.

San Francisco Shock Pinnacle 1.17 1 Win


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